Digimon Card Game: Global Version

Digimon Card Game: Global Version

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With the recent resurgence of the Digimon franchise, along came the announcement for a new Digimon Card Game. Unfortunatelly, it is currently meant to be a Japan-exclusive product.

Fans from around the globe are thrilled about the return of their favorite franchise in the form of a card game, with many of them having already pre-ordered the available product. However, the majority of them will not be able to enjoy the game, due to the lack of knowledge of the Japanese language.

Digimon is perfect to be represented in the form of a card game! The wide range of characters gives every other Mon-franchise a run for their money. Combining that with the stellar card art revealed so far, this game will be perfect for every card collector! Furthemore, the diversity of the characters will assist in keeping the game - at least aesthetically - fresh for an extended period of time!

The mechanics of the game, also, set it apart from the current major competition, helping it differentiate itself by providing a refreshing play-style. If given the appropriate support, this game has the potential to become one of the most successful card games! Just to name a few ways of much needed support:

  • A free, online and constantly updated smartphone application or PC platform, which will help people learn the game, test their decks and play with others
  • Well-established local and international competitive tournaments
  • Well-spread out releases of booster boxes, premium products and collectors' items

The arrival of "Digimon Adventure: Psi" signifies a new era for the franchise. It is a great opportunity to bring back the original fans, while familiarizing the younger audience with our beloved Digital Monsters! Please allow for the next generation of DigiDestined to be chosen by releasing both the card game and the show internationally!

Thank you for all your hard work,
a DigiDestined from the West