Ban Youtuber that makes $ from harassing folks BIPOC and gets them arrested

Ban Youtuber that makes $ from harassing folks BIPOC and gets them arrested

March 6, 2022
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Started by Sara Seligman

Richard (Ricardo) Garcia Aguirre, makes a living from harassing and provoking strangers and capturing it on video. If he can, he gets them arrested. To get a reaction he is willing to use any verbal abuse necessary from calling them names, humiliating them for their look or job, and even using slurs. He has a youtube channel with enough followers (28K at the time of writing) to monetize (which means he makes money off of every view any of his videos get.) He has 1.2K videos, in which there are different levels of harassment and intimidation.

Richard Garcias Aguirre lives in Los Angeles and has been posting videos on his YouTube channel for about 2 years. He claims to record police to hold them accountable, to be an auditor and a protector of the 1st amendment. But that is NOT at all what he is doing.

It seems that at some point he realized that his long videos didn’t have the traction he wanted. He needed more of a reaction from the people he films. This has escalated terribly and the verbal abuse his victims endure is infuriating, when then on top of it, he calls the police and gets them arrested he is purposefully antagonizing folks, many of them BIPOC, and therefore putting their lives in danger when he gets them arrested. If he can them he tries to put their livelihood in danger by turning those videos viral. 

You might be tempted to look him up and watch his content, every view he gets is money in his pocket and more incentive to continue this behavior. But this is not just about harassment and cyberbullying, this is about putting people's lives in danger. All for followers, likes, views, and money. 

Please help me by requesting that YouTube block his channel and ban him from joining. The fact that YouTube is paying him (hopefully unknowingly) to harass, verbally abuse, and have folks falsely arrested is dangerous and must stop now!

He just recently had a video that went viral. Last summer he harassed a street vendor. To get a reaction from her he called her terrible names and slurs, humiliated her for being a “street vendor” (mostly in Spanish.) Unfortunately, he managed to get the woman to lose her cool and as she walked past him to remove herself from the attack she allegedly slapped his hand (the one holding the camera) If she did it it wasn’t hard because the camera didn’t even move. But it was enough for him to win. With the video and the police not speaking Spanish (unable to understand the amount of verbal abuse the woman endured) and being the police, they arrested the woman. 

He weaponizes the police when it benefits him

That was not the first and will not be the last time this person will do this. Put lives in danger for a reaction. Abuse people for a reaction. Nobody should have to go through this! And nobody should be able to make money from bullying and harassment. He will continue as long as he gets views, attention (even negative), and money. 

We must ensure YouTube bans him!


This petition made change with 3,631 supporters!

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