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Ban use of gas chambers in Georgia's public animal shelters


Georgia state Rep. Tom Knox has introduced Grace's Law, H.B. 788, which will be considered by the House Committee on Science and Technology during the 2010 session. Under this version carbon monoxide gas chambers along with decompression chambers and use of exhaust from gasoline engines would not be allowed as ways to kill shelter animals. The bill is named Grace's Law for a dog that survived a ghastly CO gassing in Liberty County.

In almost all cases animals could only be euthanized by lethal injection or oral ingestion of sodium pentobarbitol though intracardial injection or heartstick could only be used on unconscious, heavily sedated or comatose animals. There would be an exception for field emergencies. Only a veterinarian, physician or qualified, trained person could perform euthanasia and animals could not be left unattended during this process.

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