Ban TOXIC rubber on UK artificial (3G+4G) Pitches

Ban TOXIC rubber on UK artificial (3G+4G) Pitches

8 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mr Tudor

Did you know that If you or your Child or anyone you know play on 3G and 4G artificial pitches the chances are they are playing sports on over 300 chemicals, some of which are highly Toxic! 197 are suspected as being carcinogenic and 8 are proven to be carcinogenic these are the PAH toxic chemicals, the European chemicals agency has now created a new regulation in Europe to lower these specific 8 carcinogens to less than 20mg per 1kg! Reducing current levels by 80% however due to Brexit this has not been enforced in the UK! 
The European chemicals agency has now admitted that there is a carcinogenic risk to health however in the UK it seems currently nothing is being done?

please see the links below for the latest changes imposed by the ECHA.

I call for a Ban on End of life tyres (ELT’s) being reused in artificial sports pitches and children’s playgrounds also, this when a completely safe alternative is readily available by the same suppliers in Cork infill, cork comes from trees and is 100% biodegradable! Safe to play on and is so much better for the environment which we so desperately need to save, with thousands of tonnes of toxic rubber from these pitches entering the environment annually!

Clear links exist between this toxic crumb rubber used on artificial pitches and blood cancers! Search up Amy griffins List, an American sports coach who documented players getting blood cancers after playing on these surfaces, where she found that 60% of these players were goalkeepers, this as they come into contact with the toxic chemicals more than outfield players, but 60%!! A clear link given they are the minority compared to outfield players!

I wish to keep our children safe, the blood cancer rate in the UK in children has been rising rapidly in the last 15 years which is the period where these pitches have become most popular!

Please see another report by Fully charged below which contains some very interesting fact and figures!

This is a real Health risk and environmental problem which just has to change, 

Please sign this petition if you agree that there needs to be a ban on ELT’s (end of life tyres) being used in artificial pitches and playgrounds, so we can take it to the UK government who will have to respond and make the necessary change! 


European Chemicals Agency:

Fully Charged Report:

Thank you for helping us bring an end to this horrible risk faced by many Sports players, Children and the environment!

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And Thank You so much for your support.



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Signatures: 951Next Goal: 1,000
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