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Ban the videos of Serena McKay's death

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On April 23, 2017, Serena McKay, 19 year old high school student, attending Sagkeeng Anicinabe High School, was attacked by a group of schoolmates who filmed her attack and death. The video depicting Serena screaming softly "I'm so sorry" while two attackers brutally kill her and other identified bystanders, has been shared online and multiple websites and first shared through the social media platform Facebook via Facebook - Messenger App by one of the bystanders.

This petition was created to demand the Canadian Authorites, Justice System and Prime Minister inquire further about the videos and indict the bystanders that uploaded these vidoes as accessories to this crime. We also demand website services that have already uploaded the video remove it, and take action and ban the video from search sites. The public wants a publication ban regarding all videos depicting the death of Serena McKay. Serena McKay was not a minor but she was attending high school and was murdered by 16 and 17 year old classmates, those minors are shown clearly in the attack caught and shared on Facebook Messenger, later being shared publicly. 

Obscenity Laws in Canada state that images and videos shared are punishable by law if it depicts minors and graphic violence and murder. The Youth Criminal Justice Act clearly states this video violates laws and a publication ban needs to be served. 

In April 2013, convicted murderer "Luka Magnotta", and Bestgore Website owner Mark Marek, were also convicted for distributing obscene material related to the crime uploaded to the internet. Google did respond and the video of that crime has been banned from the internet. 

 Serena's death video is also obscene and causes immediate emotional distress upon viewing and should not be viewed by the public. The video is so disturbing several viewers have described needing to seek mental health help.

Do these horrifying images inspire us to do better? Videos can spur social awareness and progress. But this video has the empathic viewer distressed and helpless to undo the suffering that was endured. Viewing these images inflicts extreme trauma.

What we must do better is push for more sensitivity with regard to displaying, viewing, and sharing violent images on websites. We already regard blatantly sexual images as vulgar and sharing them as bad-mannered, so why don’t we hold a similar standard for blatantly violent images?

Please sign this petition to protect Serena's family and public from the emotional pain this video causes. It is disturbing, obscene, graphic, violent and emotional traumatic and needs to be banned as soon as possible to protect the public and mental well being of the children who have access to the internet. 

Heal Serena's Community and Family. 

Sign the petition today. 

Be the change that makes the internet a safer place for our children and demand accountability from Google, Facebook, Justin Trudeau, RCMP, Youtube and uploaders of this horrific crime. 

Ban the video.


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