Ban the use of horses in Bullfighting

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The torment, abuse and killing of animals for amusement or "entertainment" will never be acceptable and is sure to leave a terrible legacy for Spains future. The entire world is watching, waiting and hoping that the right decision will be made by banning the use of these innocent and loyal horses from being used in bullfighting. You can Win the admiration and hearts of citizens in your country who are strongly opposed to bullfighting as well as the admiration of citizens around the globe who are equally opposed to this cruel "Sport" by considering banning Bullfighting all together. Spain is considered a modern and laudable Nation with a wealth of treasures including art, architecture, music, natural beauty, culture, and people from all over the world enjoy visiting Spain to experience its rich heritage.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  - Mahatma Gandhi



Old horses who have surpassed their working life are being sold and used in bullfighting!! Their vocal cords are mutilated to render them voiceless so they cannot scream in fear when the bull approaches or from the pain of being attacked, this mutilation also ensures the crowd does not Feel sympathetic towards the horse.

Prior to the Bullfight, the horses are blindfolded and their ears and nostrils are typically compacted with Vaseline and cotton buds to deprive them of their senses which prevents them from panicking when the bull charges. Once the horse is ready the Picador rides them into the arena where the now unsuspecting and defenceless horse becomes an easy target for the enraged bull who is being provoked and stabbed in the neck by the Picador who uses a long sharp lance.

These horses are often gored even though they are protected by what is termed a “peto”, or a protective cape. These petos often do little more than hide the horses wounds. Furthermore these old horses are repaid for a lifetime of loyal service to Mankind by being forced against their will to participate in this cruel and life threatening Practice. 

Should you ever find yourself in a country where bullfighting is practised, please do not be tempted to attend these sadistic displays. The continuation of bullfighting depends on government subsidies and the tourism industry. Don’t support bullfighting with your dollar.


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