Ban the term ‘MAPs’ which is being used to incite and promote paedophilia.

Ban the term ‘MAPs’ which is being used to incite and promote paedophilia.

August 15, 2022
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Why this petition matters

The Problem 

Notorious child-sex offenders are using mainstream websites such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, to rebrand paedophilia as a harmless sexual preference. The push to rebrand paedophiles as something other than predatory is dangerous, and insulting to Survivors.

Worryingly, hundreds of disturbing accounts are being set up, every day, which refer to both potential and prolific abusers as ‘MAPs’ – Minor-Attracted Persons – to escape the ‘stigma’ attached to the word paedophile.  As a result, in recent years there has been a disturbing and dangerous public movement to normalise paedophilia using ‘MAPs’. 

This terminology destigmatizes child sex offenders and suggests that it’s OK to be sexually attracted and turned on by children.

The anonymous users have even created their own rainbow ‘MAPs Pride’ flag – with paedophile sympathisers arguing they should be celebrated as a ‘niche group’ alongside the LGBT community. LGBT-style slogans such as ‘#MAPPride’ and ‘#Mappositivity’, are seen as an attempt to cast paedophilia as part of societies wider move towards sexual liberation.

This is no secret, with numerous National and International media outlets covering the worrying movement.

Material found online includes memes proclaiming ‘Gay MAPs are amazing’ and cartoon characters saying: ‘Repost if you think maps should be able to date minors.’

Gay rights campaigners, and the LGBTQ community, utterly rebuke MAPs delusional and evil claims, stating “they will find no haven in the LGBTQ community.”

MAPs is a term created by the pro-paedophile lobby to destigmatize, and rebrand, and airbrush paedophiles, and we would like to make it very clear that we reject the notion of ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ aka ‘MAPs.’

Just because somebody crafted this term doesn’t make it so!

Paedophile sympathisers are now using and pushing the rebranding of MAPs, to entice, normalise and promote the sexual abuse, and rape, of children. This falls in line with the United Nations definition of hate and violent speech, with the target group for violence being children. 

In Australia, Incitement to Commit a Sexual Offence is a crime under section 80G of the Crimes Act 1900, which carries the same maximum penalty as the offence incited.

The MAPs movement is promoting and inciting violence against children; violence in the form of physical, emotional and mental abuse. Abuse that sadly lasts a lifetime.

Sympathisers are publicly promoting MAPs, by stating it is a ‘sexual orientation’ for paedophiles to be in sexual relations with children. Sympathisers are either groomed by predators to be a kind of ‘spokesperson’ for their movement (or) they have other motivations. Either way, it’s a serious concern and one that cannot and should not be ignored by society, law enforcement or governments. 

There are laws in place making it illegal to promote and entice racism, terrorism, violence, bullying, harassment and public disorder (to name a few) but there is currently no law stopping someone promoting and enticing the sexual abuse, and rape, of children using the term ‘MAPs.’ 

On 11th August 2022, US Congresswoman - Lauren Boebert, twittered in response to the latest MAPs propaganda video by paedophile sympathiser Miranda Galbreath;

“Every person who uses the term MAPs needs to be ostracized from civil society.”

Many experts and professionals dealing with child sex offenders absolutely condemn the use of the term MAPs. Any sane human-being, would have no interest in accepting or destigmatizing paedophilia!

The paedophilic sexual proclivity, acted upon or not, is wrong and extremely dangerous! It is incredibly important that we safeguard; including pre-emptive, preventive measures to avoid harms to children, and this includes stigmatising this paraphilia.


 •  To make it illegal for anyone to entice and/or promote paedophilia in a public place and/or on the internet. 

 •   Ban the use of and term ‘MAPs - Minor Attracted Persons’, to promote paedophilia on the internet. 


If we are successful, children will be safer and protected from further abuse. Abuse that lasts a lifetime for survivors!

Please sign, and share, this petition to call on the government to act.

We as human beings must take a stance and stand up for vulnerable children by putting an end to such a dangerous movement. 

Project Rescue Children is a registered not for profit charity in The Gambia and Australia, helping children from trafficking and exploitation around the world.

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Signatures: 5,264Next Goal: 7,500
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