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Ban the Sell of Puppies From Breeders and Pet Stores in Dallas TX

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If Pet Stores and Commercial Dog Breeders are banned from selling puppies/dogs for 3 years, this will prevent individuals from spending money on breed dogs and force them to adopt a dog through a shelter or a rescue group. With no more puppies for sale, the shelter dogs will have more value. Anyone who wants a dog will go to a shelter or rescue group and pick one out. The shelters will cycle through dogs which effectively removes stray puppies from the streets. The more adoption fees collected through shelters, the more funds available which essentially take care of the budget problems for those shelters. City council unanimously approved an ordinance permanently prohibiting the sale of dogs and cats in retail stores in cities around the US in California, New Mexico, Missouri and Florida. The city of Austin has approved the permanent ban of companion animals for sale in retail stores which has decreased euthanasia of shelter animals drastically. Dallas needs to approve this 3 year ban to save thousands of innocent adoptable animals in our city. Dallas killed over 14,600 animals as their fiscal year ended in September 2011. Nationwide, a companion animal is killed every 9 seconds. We need the City of Dallas to do their part to help minimize the number of deaths in adoptable animals.


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