Ban sale of baby sharks in bottles as souveniers in the City of Miami Beach .

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Despite the fact that the City of Miami Beach is an ultimate tourist destination for attractions such as beaches and world-renowned nightlife , we as Miami Beach residents want the focus to shift somewhat towards conservation and respecting the oceans. Miami Beach has the potential to set the standard for responsible practices in the State of Florida and the East Coast. It is important for locals and visitors alike to see what a positive difference Miami Beach is making in the world to help the oceans and its inhabitants.

It is horrifically wrong to be selling unborn or dead  sharks in jars to tourists at Lincoln Road  (or anywhere else in the Ciyy of Miamo Beachas these animals are extremely important in our ecosystems.

Shark fishing is greatly depleting already suffering populations of these animals and when females carrying young are killed, it impacts those populations even more. The last thing that should be promoted is neither the killing of pregnant female shark babies  or the ones sourced as  byproduct of commercial fishing.. exposing sharks just to make a quick buck selling their dead animals to tourists. 

PLEASE STOP THE SLAUGHTER AND SALE OF BABY SHARKS or byproduct sharks!!! Please share and post....let's get the word out there and put an end to this atrocity!!