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Ban the sale and spraying of herbicides and pesticides in Davis , California!

We are petitioning to stop the spraying and sale of synthetic pesticides and herbicides within our city,  on our campus , along our roads , around our schools , train tracks, ditches and near putah creek so we can once again go swimming without fear of polluted waters. It has been proven that using these chemicals such as Monsanto's RoundUp ,cause birth defects , cancer in children and in adults later on in life along with many other serious diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's . It is time for us to stop ignoring important research and letting multinational corporations can get richer as we become sicker.  Our own EPA will not even do the proper research but rely on the companies that produce these harmful chemicals to provide biased research so we will have to take this matter into our own hands and do what we know is right for the safety of our community and children.

We would like chemicals from agriculture used no closer than 100 feet from any creek , roadside or irrigation channel and atleast 1000 feet away from any house around the perimeter of city as well as these synthetic chemicals to be completely banned inside the city

There are many great organic alternatives that will not cause harm to us or the environment we live in.

Mosquitos-  Setting up boxes for bats, mosquito fish in ponds, natural repellents

Weeds - Vinegar mixture, Flame torches , Repairing earth and planting perrenial flowers and native plants rather than having dead roadsides  , nature's avenger and other organic weed killers

Rodents - Traps, Owls and hawk boxes

Other insects - Neem oil , natural repellents, planting more diversified plants for a larger biodiversity for more balanced eco system, Caulking to keep insects out of houses, dried bay leaves sprinkled around the house are more effective than toxic pesticides for keeping out cockroaches,


Articles and Studies   - Documentary by French Journalist    - Pesticide action network

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    Sal Genito

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