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To combat the problem of Puppy Mills, Suffolk County Majority Leader, Legislator Jon Cooper, introduced Resolution No.I.R. 1545-2011, a law that will ban the retail sale of puppies in pet stores in that county. If you care about dogs, you must lend your support to Legislator Cooper to ban the retail sale of pet shop puppies in Suffolk County, NY. Puppy mills are breeding facilities that produce purebred puppies in mass quantities and sell them to an unsuspecting public. They are inhumane, designed to maximize profits, and commonly disregard the physical, social, and emotional health of the dogs in their facilities. Puppy mills are the epitome of cruelty to animals. These helpless dogs are kept confined in tiny wire cages with minimal food and water, little or no veterinary care, and no positive human contact. They breed these animals until they cannot produce anymore and then they throw them away or let them starve or kill them. Because of these conditions, puppy mill puppies are more likely to have physical and behavioral problems than dogs from ethical sources. Puppy mills lurk behind the doors of the nearby pet store. The best way to stop puppy mills from continuing their abuse is for consumers to stop buying the puppies they breed, however slick ads and false advertising hoodwink them into thinking that this pet store is different! That couldn't be further from the truth. And many think they are "rescuing" a puppy by buying one—they are simply creating new space for another mill puppy to be sold while the parents in the mills suffer till death.
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I was thrilled to see Majority Leader Jon Cooper introduce legislation to ban the sale of puppies in pet stores in Suffolk County. Pet stores dupe the public into spending their hard-earned money on a pet store puppy only to find they have not only purchased and supported animal cruelty, but their puppy is ill-bred, diseased, sick or even may die because of its puppy mill origins.
Puppy mills and their inhumane mass breeding practices disregard the parents' health and welfare. Confined for life in cages only to breed or die, they are merely treated as inanimnate objects where profits are the one and only consideration. No dog should EVER live their entire life in a cage without proper food, veterinary care and in isolation. Pet stores are the "front" for these mills where a pretty picture is painted about the puppies' origins and breeding. It is all lies and commonly known as "pet store double-speak". Saying these puppies are USDA-licensed, inspected breeders is not a mark of a quality. Simply put, the only reason any breeder would need a USDA license IS because they are a puppy mill.
In May of 2010, the Office of the Inspector General filed an internal audit report targeting the severe lack of compliance by commercial breeders and the USDA's inability to enforce Animal Welfare Law. Please read this report at This report not only contains the overwhelming evidence of improper enforcement and lax oversight of puppy mills, but photographic evidence of a the abuse and neglect these dogs suffer at the hands of commercial kennel owners.
For decades now, humane organizations and animal welfare groups have fought to end the puppy mill atrocity, only to be faced by the inhumane lobbyists for the breeders and pet store owners. It is time the truth be told and not deafened by those who only seek monetary gain as they force "Man's Best Friend" , the innocent prisoners of greed, to suffer till a welcomed death.
We are depending on you as we await your decision here in NYS. It is with your YES vote that all of us working for justice and freedom for puppy mill breeding dogs, can move forward in passing laws in our counties.

Lorry Schlick, President/Founder
WNY Citizens Against Puppy Mills

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