Ban the Islamic Republic Officials from Social Media

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Respect the Communications Fairness Doctrine by Shutting Down all Social Media Accounts Affiliated with the Government in Iran!

The Iranian people have taken to the streets to protest 40 years of oppression by the Islamic regime in Iran. The regime immediately cracked down on protesters (as it did in 2017 and 2009 uprisings) and there have been reports of hundreds shot dead and thousands injured and arrested. The regime has shut down the Internet to prevent the Iranian people from exposing its brutality to the world, while giving selective Internet access to its supporters to spread its propaganda.

The government in Iran has long filtered social media such as Facebook and Twitter while its officials have been cynically active on them. Following Internet's blockage by the government, the U.S. sanctioned the regime's Minister of Information and Communications Technology for helping shut down the Iranian Internet.

It's high time your online platforms took responsibility for having let the government's officials and minions promote their destructive agenda and justify their brutality on the very platforms whose access they deny to the Iranian people. We demand a complete shutdown of all social networking accounts affiliated with the government in Iran. Please be advised that by continuing to let the government's officials enjoy your platforms while the Iranian people are denied access to them, you violate the spirit of the fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission. Although this doctrine was initially applied to regulate broadcast holders, it reflects the underlying core of communication ethics as a fundamental American value.