Ban The Barbaric Slaughter Of Unstunned Animals In Australia

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The slaughter of unstunned animals is both barbaric and cruel.  This practice is also contrary to the standards for humane slaughter as defined by the RSPCA. 

We the People of Australia demand that the Australian Government at both Federal and State level outlaw this practice immediately. 

The current laws are inconsistent and this needs to be remedied as a matter of urgency. 

The following is taken directly from the RSPCA site

I am writing to express serious concern over the exemptions to normal slaughter standards that allow some abattoirs in Australia to slaughter sheep, goats, cattle or poultry without prior stunning.

Pre-slaughter stunning is scientifically recognised as an essential pre-requisite of humane slaughter. It is standard practice in every export-accredited abattoir in Australia, as well as in the vast majority of domestic abattoirs, including those producing halal-certified meat.

However, in a small number of domestic abattoirs, animals are allowed to be slaughtered without any prior stunning under special arrangements with the state food authority.

Slaughtering a conscious animal causes pain and suffering which persists until the animal loses consciousness. There is no justification for the continuation of exemptions to pre-slaughter stunning on either animal welfare or religious grounds.

As the Minister responsible for animal welfare I urge you to review the existing arrangements for religious slaughter in your state and help end unnecessary unstunned slaughter.

I look forward to your action and considered response.