Ban the advertisement of Elephant Riding, Tourist Camps & Circuses

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The use of elephants for tourism entertainment is completely wrong and unethical - something needs to be done to stop it. The first step in this journey for change has to be to spread awareness for the poor treatment of elephants in the tourism trade and the pain they endure in the unnatural processes of riding and circus training.

This is a topic which many people are unaware of and do not think of the implications that the elephants face - being treated with abuse, in unhygienicunsanitary and unsafe environments in order to make money from tourists and to entertain them. They are abused, beaten, stabbed and starved into submission until they have no choice but to comply with their orders.

They do not have a choice, so lets make the choice for them. This needs to stop but it seems to be becoming the normal thing to do when travelling to countries such as Thailand, where everyone wants to get this 'once in a lifetime opportunity' of riding an elephant and getting a selfie with it. It is advertised so highly that people cannot stop themselves from taking part in these damaging activities. If the advertising was removed and places such as ethical sanctuaries were promoted instead, it would make all the difference to elephant welfare. 

Sanctuaries are a great alternative, where the elephants are treated with care, respect and without harm in a natural environment. Here, you can spend time with the elephants, look after them and walk with them, which is, if not more fore filling than riding them, where you cannot even see their faces to get to know and enjoy them. 

Despite their large size, elephants are not made to be ridden and it causes them great harm and damage, as does circus tricks, which are unethical in their own right. By stopping the advertisement of activities like these, tourists travelling to countries like Thailand may refrain from participating and instead choose to take part in a different, ethical activity.

We can make a difference and save those elephants who cannot fight for themselves.  

Please help today, by signing this petition to help stop the elephant tourism trade of riding and circus training.