Ban Super Mario(Luigi) Logan from youtube and for Amazon and Target to stop promoting this

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Local social worker and mother in a society that is broken by exposure to violence, profanity and sexual inappropriateness at a young age. Recently I came across a YouTube channel targeted at young children Super Mario Logan "Jeffey" that uses vulgar language and sexual reference to entertain young children. Don't be mistaken your child is aware of this I'm learning most of my son's fourth grade class is aware of this and making references from it like "suck my d!@k" or "fat bit@*" or grabbing their genital area to mimic the character Jeffey who is the "baby" of the show.  He also cusses out his dad and promotes behaviors that our children are mimicking that manifests disrespect. While I'm very involved in my kids life I cannot control all the exposure. There are also parents unaware of what this show is and as a consequence their child is exposed. I' looking to ban this from youtube as this is not in the best interest of any child. I am also requesting that Amazon and Target not sell any of this merchandise.  I will also work to contact Nintendo if they have any claims in this.  If not why are they allowing them to use their characters to initially engage our children.  The current profit for Super Mario (Luigi) Logan is 1.2 millions dollars.  He has had over 1.1 billions views and is stated to have 5.5k new viewers daily.  Unfortunately this is our youth.  They are literally capitalizing on our children and promoting this dysfunctional society.  Help me stop these entities for normalizing such inappropriate behaviors.  This is something we can prevent and a start to helping our troubled youth.  Help me protect our children from this exploitation.     

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