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(Ban Stacy Banner from owning animals and arrest the people in connection to her breeding e.g. by helping her/hiding her lies/covering for her/lying..) -----------------

21st/12/2013 - UPDATE: The longer you ALLOW her to lie to you (The RSPCA/Council/other) the longer she will do it and get away with it like she already is doing currently. I don't have time anymore to do your work for you but I won't close this petition nor will I give up till something is done against this so called human being. Everything said on this petition has more than 150+ peices of evidence (which has been sent to the council and comes back with the same reply despite it being completely obvious! as well as taking weeks to reply) and statements from 30+ people to back what I say up either by witnessing it or making the same mistake as I have or other (e.g. her offering to stud dogs that she claims doesn't have).... The petition will be taken over by a very close friend of mine and all e-mails will be going through her as I don't have the time to run this at the moment and probably till around september next year! I won't stop pestering and I won't give up till action is taken, even if it takes years. Stacy Banner was investigated within weeks of this petition where no breeding bitches were found at her house (this is where the fact she doesn't breed at her home comes to light and the fact she was in such a rush to get rid of all these dogs at one) BUT the dogs there wern't having their welfare needs met. Also new evidence shows that she bred 8 and more litters last year without a license which is an offence, the sad thing is it wasn't just dogs. EVERYTHING ON THIS PETITION IS 100% FACTUAL. Any messages/e-mails will be forwarded onto me if they can't be answered by the person now running this. Thank you so much for your continued support, you really do not understand how much this means to US and all them souls... this will be my last comment for now (and probably a long time)... never give up... ever....
ORIGINAL: Sadly I fell for this woman's lies and unknowingly supported her backyard breeding... I noticed what a terrible state my dog was in as soon as I saw her... She came to the house in the back of an estate car which I thought was strange as I was led to believe they was her pets, her husband is also in the army and the house is located on army property - he is fully aware of what's going on.. When I got home I bathed her 3 times and the stench from her fur would not go away at all.. I immediately started to question things like why is the "undercarriage" so low down if she has never had puppies? (this what we was told) or why is she scared? why did they say she was good in the car when she puked everywhere in the boot? why isn't she lead trained properly when we was told she doesn't pull? why has she got scars on her face? bloodshot eyes? missing piece of her tongue? and why does she look older that 18 months old? ...I can tell you it was a total mistake buying off her but it's the best mistake I ever made was saving my poor dog... sadly I had no experience or could give her the training she so desperately needed. She went to a home which can give her the training and an easy life style instead of being a worked dog. We discovered she was 6 YEARS OLD, she has organ damage from having worms, she needs dental work on her teeth and they're in such bad condition and something I will never forget being told that the vet turned around and had said "If you had left her there any longer the chances would be she would of just given up on life and died" - I have not stopped investigating ever since I got my dog, even if I had to give her up (which I will ALWAYS regret till the day I die!) and all I want to do is save the existing dogs from that hell hole and bring justice for the dogs AND owners. It's about time something was done and I will stop at NOTHING to make this happen!! I just want to say Thank You to anyone and everyone who signs this petition and supports it, it will help bring public awareness and hopefully will grab the media's attention sooner rather than later. x

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Waverley Borough Council Julie Gregory
Save the animals and Arrest Stacy Banner! Since 2004 a person claimed to be Stacy Banners step-dad (claimed by her self, friends, family and various other reports) has been puppy farming.. He may have received a ban but this have been proven it still hasn't stopped him. Now Stacy Banner his step-daughter has taken over the business which hes allowed and they're still being sold and kept in terrible conditions. Just to name a few: Covered in fleas, infested with worms, never had their teeth brushed, not being fed the right food, underweight, overweight, smelly and quite clearly has never been washed and left to sit in their own faeces and Urine, scars from fighting (possibly over food), never being exercised, kept in kennels, unvaccinated dogs and puppies, doesn't and won't pass a veterinary inspection to breed dogs and bitches, more than 6 litters in their life time (sometimes they don't even make it that long!), more than 1 litter a year per bitch and the list just goes on and on... You have told us you are investigating it, you have told us you have investigated it and you have told us you will look into it.. But when will the appropriate action be taken and this put to a STOP? She still breeds and sells and it will continue till justice has been served! Because of your LACK to help puppies and animals it has changed my view completely on the RSPCA! Oh and not only is it just dogs it can be kittens, horses and even birds!! She uses fake names as an attempt to "hide" and changes her phone number but when you request the location of the dog it goes right back to the same person and address.. The council should be able to also take the appropriate action so we have attached you to this email as you are also one that needs to step in and help these animals AND especially as they are being sold on Army property! Despite having complained to them numerous times. When are you finally going to do something instead of having the public do it for you?

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