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BAN non-recyclable plastic packaging for fruit & veg in Irish supermarkets

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Let's BAN the use of disposable, non-recyclable plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables in Irish supermarkets!


Our planet is drowning in a sea of plastic.

  • By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish[1] This is having a devastating effect on sea birds and marine life.
  • Single use, disposable plastic packaging is largely to blame. When this plastic breaks down into smaller particles and is ingested by marine life it ends up in the human food chain, affecting our hormones, our liver and causing cancer.  
  •  As most plastics take between 500-1000 years to fully break down, virtually every single piece of plastic ever made still exists in some form.
  • 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans each yearthis is the equivalent of lining up 5 shopping bags of plastic rubbish on every foot of coastline around the entire globe.

San Francisco has already banned the sale of single use plastic bottles. France has become the first country to ban the use of all disposable plastic cutlery, plates and cups. Similar bans on disposable plastics have taken place in Morocco, in Ethiopia and in parts of India.


Many people assume that the plastic packaging on our fruits and vegetables from supermarkets can go straight into the green bin and be recycled. THEY ARE WRONG.

Look carefully - that thin, clear plastic film containing our spinach leaves, carrots, courgettes and apples is usually clearly marked 'NOT CURRENTLY RECYCLABLE'.

  • 83% of all fruit and vegetables in Lidl are packaged in single use, non-recyclable plastics.
  • LIDl Ireland produces an average of 4,611,880 disposable plastic bags per year FOR AUBERGINES ALONE. (That’s 12,670 completely unnecessary plastic bags ending up in landfill per day, for one vegetable, from one supermarket chain.)
  • A staggering quarter of a billion (250,000,000) non-recyclable plastic bags are produced by Lidl Ireland every single year, JUST for their fruit and vegetable packaging.

 And those are the figures for just one supermarket chain.

The toll that this unnecessary, excessive and wasteful plastic packaging is having on the earth is devastating.


  1. SIGN THE PETITION to BAN single use, disposable plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables in Irish supermarkets.
  2. SHARE this petition with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and email
  3. NAME AND SHAME! Take photos of excessive, unnecessary plastic packaging from supermarkets and post to your Facebook/Twitter demanding #PlasticFreeProduce, along side the name of the supermarket. Also tweet them to the relevant store (@lidl_ireland , @TescoIrl , @Aldi_ireland @SupervaluIRL etc.) using the hashtags #EndPlasticPlague and #StopDeathByPlastic.
  4. LOBBY politicians and government decision makers. Copy and paste THIS LETTER (or write your own) and send to your local TD’s. Find contact details for your local TD's here, and a list of emails for government ministers here. Target in particular Simon Coveney, Denis Naughten and Michael Creed
  5. Join the #PLASTICPOLLUTIONREVOLUTION: Send a clear message to your local supermarket by removing fruit and vegetables from their non-recyclable plastic packaging after payment and leaving it in the shop. Feel free to photograph and post with hashtags #EndPlasticPlague #StopDeathByPlastic and #PlasticPollutionRevolution.


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