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This petition is addressed to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and all 10 City Councillors.

The reasons for banning shark fins are many. Following are the top three:

1. Shark-finning is extremely cruel, and wasteful.

2. Shark-finning is done by almost every country in the world with a coastline. Together, they kill some 90 million sharks every year, of all species, including endangered ones. This is utterly unsustainable.

3. Since shark-finning is performed by poachers, little or no record is kept as to which fin has come from which species. Therefore, about half of all shark fins in Vancouver are likely from endangered species, and there is no way to determine which is which short of expensive fin-by-fin DNA analysis.  This in itself is illegal both in terms of CITES and Canada's own WAPPRIITA (Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act) law forced out in 1996 by Anthony Marr's Chinatown media campaign in 1995-1996.

Anthony Marr himself has seen fins of the critically endangered Whale shark and Basking shark displayed in glass cases in Vancouver's Chinatown, unmistakable due to their size.  The picture shows a definned Whale Shark.

In perspective, California, Oregon, Washington, and major cities in Ontario, have all banned shark fins, leaving Vancouver conspicuously inactive and impotent in combating shark preservation.

We call upon Vancouver City Hall to do the right and courageous thing, before the sharks are gone forever. If we allow shark fin use and shark-finning to continue, there would be no more sharks left for finning in short order, and Mother Nature herself would put an end to it - sadly without sharks - and if/when that happens, a dark and indelible mark would be left in Vancouver's otherwise glorious history.  

To count on voluntary withdrawal from shark fin consumers and businesses will not work, at least, not in time to save the sharks.

The City of Richmond is being likewise petitioned.

The petitioner, Anthony Marr, is a Chinese Canadian, and represents the enlightened sector of Vancouver's Chinese community.  

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