Ban Sexual Images of Children on Instagram

Ban Sexual Images of Children on Instagram

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Please help make Instagram clamp down on child exploitation and  paedophilia. They need to improve their methods of reviewing inappropriate accounts. They don't even have a reporting option to protect children!!

Me and a group of friends recently came across an Instagram page with numerous images of children in underwear and swimwear. This account led us to 100s more of a similar nature. Some of these were 'modelling' pics, some were photos taken by parents and some were photos from afar taken of children without their knowledge. A lot of these images are zoomed in on intimate areas and many have put the children into sexualised poses. I have no doubt they are being used without that child/parents' knowledge. 

These pages are made under the pretence the that they're 'modelling' or 'fan' pages of these children, when in fact it is just a breeding ground for paedophiles. There are literally 100s of comments under children's images with sexual and luring comments from adults!! And this isn't the dark web ... this is Instagram!

Me and my friends reported many of the pages and the followers of these accounts with NO action or help from Instagram. Some of the 'reviews' would come back within 3 minutes saying they don't breach Instagram's guidelines. Yet they will remove a photo of a consenting glamour model within seconds of a report.

Instagram needs to do more about this. It's happening in front of our eyes!


1. ID checks for everyone creating an Account.
2. A 'Paedophilia / Child Exploitation' reporting option for posts / comments and accounts.
3. A reporting option for Under 18s should they receive an inappropriate message / proposal from an adult.
4. A system that has a human review the above type of reports and not a robot.
5. Software that searches for these types of image / keywords, and then an automatic removal of this content (as they do for various other types of posts). That way, Instagram is not just relying on people reporting them, but is taking action themselves.
6. If there is direct evidence of child abuse / exploitation / paedophilia then the relevant police / local authorities are alerted.