Ban Rain Dance and Pool Parties in NCR. Groundwater level to reach 0 in 2020. #GreenHoli

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Let our celebrations not become the cause of war for our children. 

Holi is around the corner. Every club, society, hotel, and event is promising of an exceptional party with rain dance, pools, water guns, drinks, and sumptuous food. We can’t wait to dress in our best whites and enjoy this colorful festival with our loved ones.

So what’s the problem? And how would this lead to a war?

Water is in dire scarcity in the National Capital Territory, with reports claiming the capital to have over-exploited its water resources. The NITI Aayog CWMI report in 2018 claimed that Delhi amongst 21 other cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad could be facing zero groundwater levels in 2020. In the light of these reports, a Supreme Court order benched by Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta was passed in 2018 urging municipal bodies such the NDMC, SDMC, and others to act urgently on preventive and corrective measures. However, the government and civic bodies have been laid back and haven't done anything substantial in the light of this impending disaster. 

So the ball is in our court to:
A) Be responsible citizens 
B) Force the government and municipal bodies in taking appropriate action. 

An average rain dance party running for 3 hours consumes about 5,000 liters of water. With 100s of such parties taking place in hotels, societies, and clubs across NCR, we can lose anywhere between 5,00,000- 10,00,000 liters of water. Banning rain dance parties is an easy fix to save a good quantity of water in NCR alone. If practiced across the country the impact will be manifold. 

We also need to adopt organic colors because the cheap chemical colors ruin the soil, which in turn affects the plants and seas, which affects the animals, which in turn affects every human because then we are eating and drinking those very chemicals. Hence, its high time we own up to the role we play in this environment!

And no one has to be a killjoy. Holi will still be Holi if there were only organic colors and smashing drinks and sumptuous food. And in any case, there will be no water left for our frivolous pleasures in the coming years. So better start adjusting now and give ourselves some more time to access water.


  • Be smart and play a dry Holi this year.
  • Boycott rain dance parties completely (if they still happen)!!!! 
  • Use organic colors only. If the colors are expensive make your own. Or even better use flowers! There are tons of blogs with great suggestions on how to host organic Holi parties. Just Google it.
  • Gift your children/ younger siblings/ students a book on climate change than a pichkari (water gun) because that will come in more handy in preparing them for the kind of world you will be leaving them in.
  • Spread the word and make people conscious of their choices.

This petition serves to asks for the intervention of the Municipal Corporations of NCT to ban such water exploiting endeavors like rain dance parties for good through the provisions of the 'Prohibition of waste or misuse of water.' in the respective Acts. It further asks for the support of the central and state government in spreading the message about the need for a #DryHoli

#NoMoreWetHoli #GoDry #DryHoliHappyHoli 

P.S. While I have targeted Delhi, this water doom will soon surface for the entire country and the world. So its a request to all Holi lovers across the world to be smart and go dry!


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