Ban r/systemscringe from reddit.

Ban r/systemscringe from reddit.

11 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Daniel B.

IMPORTANT: To make a proper change, we must report posts on the subreddit itself, signatures help a bit, but to get attention from reddit admins, reporting is necessary! PLEASE REPORT IF YOU CAN.
r/Systemscringe is a community on reddit that specializes in the targeted harassment of a marginalized community(plural systems), They post screenshots and videos of usually minor plural systems being so called 'cringe', though this just usually means harassing people who have nothing to do with them, just for how they identify.

I've seen communities, especially on discord and tumblr have to lockdown to prevent users of this reddit from taking screenshots of their messages and posting it. I've seen people are in fear that they will be bullied by this group who are mainly adults and non-systems, bullying minors.

They refuse to believe that maybe, just maybe, harassing a group of (mainly) traumatised individuals with mental illnesses is a immoral thing to do. 

Making a community that specifically targets and harasses marginalized groups is against the reddit TOS, and this community should be banned. their original community r/DIDcringe, was banned, so why shouldn't r/Systemscringe be banned as well?



  1. Go to the subreddit itself, go on any post.
  2. Click the three dots near the bottom of the post.
  3. Click report, choose 'harassment', or any that you see fit for that particular post.
  4. Unless the post was directed at you&, click 'someone else'

the subreddit (this method may be more effective!)

  1. go here
  2. click 'I want to report spam or abuse'
  3. click 'this is abusive or harassing'
  4. click 'its targeted harassment'
  5. you can now link the subreddit in 'additional information'(important!) explain why you think it should be banned!
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Signatures: 1,533Next Goal: 2,500
Support now