Ban puppy sales in Indiana Uncle Bills Pet Stores!

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Boycott Uncle Bill's Pet Store so they stop selling puppies!

Indiana should enact a ban on pet sales unless from a rescue or local shelter. Below are States and have bans on pet sales for reference:

This would not only assure that puppy mills are not supported in our city, but also focus the attention more on our shelter dogs. Our shelters have plenty of puppies and young dogs available all the time!

No reputable breeder would EVER sell their puppies to pet stores, therefore, all of these puppies come from puppy mill environments where they are bred and sold for profit! 

Their "approved breeders" usually meet the minimum requirements. This means that dogs are allowed to be kept in small cages with barely, if any, room to turn around and bred constantly. The breeders don't care about the health of their dogs. Many of them die of illnesses and the puppies have health problems as well.

The Midwest is the top region for puppy mills in the nation with Indiana being tied for 5th. Puppy mills are not illegal if they maintain the requirements. The only standards are that they cannot be housed in cages with wire floors, the cage has to allow for reasonable movement, and they have to be let out of the cage once a day (which cannot be monitored and does not happen) the USDA checks only ONCE PER YEAR so a lot of unsafe practices and mistreatment can happen between the next year that they come. The USDA also removed the reports of puppy mills from their website, so, without those reports, stores are unable to enforce their “no puppy mill” rule as they cannot prove that they did or did not come from puppy mills without these reports. The USDA protects the worst puppy mills in the nation. JUST BECAUSE THE USDA APPROVES A “BREEDER” DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE A GOOD BREEDER! THEY ARE STILL PUPPY MILLS THAT MAINTAIN THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS! 

If a breeder is willing to sell puppies to pet stores where they know that their puppies will be in small cages for some time until they find a home for an outrageous price, do they really care about the well being of their puppy or just looking for a profit?

These puppies go for several thousands of dollars. Even actual reputable breeders sell their puppies for a mere portion of what they ask for.

Shelter dogs cost between $50-$150 and are fully vaccinated, fixed, and vetted!

If you do want a specific breed, there are reputable breeders out there if you do your research! A good breeder will never let their puppies go to a home without screening and trusting that their puppy will be in good care and will definitely not ever sell their puppies to a pet store! 


These poor dogs, which are very social animals, are in cages for days, weeks, months before they are adopted. They don’t get to breathe fresh air or touch grass until they are bought from the store. They are forced to eliminate their waste where they sleep when they are naturally den animals that do not defecate were they sleep. This creates problems with potty training and socialization as well as built up energy, difficulty training later on, the list goes on! 

Not to mention that most dogs, if not all, have health problems. Kennel cough, ring worm, parasites, parvo, etc!




Our community needs to pull together to show that we do not support puppy mills or the containment of puppies in small cages with no outside interaction.

Don’t let pet stores brain wash you into thinking that their puppies don’t come from puppy mills because any breeder that genuinely cares for their pets wouldn’t even have the thought of selling their puppy in a pet store cross their mind!