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Puppy farms are inhumane, industrial-based breeding facilities, where female dogs are treated as nothing more than breeding machines. Every year thousands of puppies are exposed to the hideous conditions of puppy farms.

They watch their brothers and sisters die around them from lack of nutrition or disease, the survivors are to be sent off to pet stores or sold online. Around 45,000 dogs are sold every year from puppy farms, many of which have developed chronic conditions and have severe behavioural issues.

Unfortunately most puppies are so destroyed by puppy farms, that owners can find it too hard to care for them, and are therefore sent to the pound and most likely 'put down'.

Even though the RSPCA is fighting to bring down puppy farms they are still... completely legal; as long as the owner meets the minimum care requirements; a dog needs to be able to stand up and walk around, at maximum a female dog can be kept in a cage for 23 hours. But there is no requirement for health care... and definitely no requirement for love.