Ban Plastic Straws & Balloons

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On the back of the plastic ban bag, it is time to put the spotlight on more single use plastics. 


Australians alone use over 10 MILLION straws per day. This contributes to more than 510 MILLION straws that are thrown away internationally per day. Most of these straws never make it to the recycling and are left to break up into tiny pieces that are digested by animals and marine life across the food chain (yes, that includes us!) 

Latex Balloons are not as 'biodegradable' as some marketing campaigns would have you believe. The natural latex is combined with nasty additives, and the foil ones are no better either. Currently, in NSW up to 19 balloons can be LEGALLY released into the environment at any one time. These balloons can travel hundreds of kilometers, creating wide spread havoc that lasts up to 6 and a half years from your 12 minutes of fun. What goes up, must come down - in the way of litter. So, if littering itself is illegal, should releasing balloons not fall under the same legislation? 

These balloons end up being eaten by animals right across the planet, causing illness, injury and death. This is contributing to our rapidly dying oceans and land pollution. 

Each year 1 Million sea birds and 100, 000 sea life die from ingesting single use plastics. 

Plastic is now the most common element found in our oceans, we have already lost a staggering 90% of our big fish in the ocean. 

This model is simply not sustainable. Without our oceans, we will not survive. The time to act is now.