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Ban Plastic Bags in Sackville, NB, CANADA

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Recognizing the detrimental impact that plastic bags have on the environment, we are encouraging the Town of Sackville to be the first municipality in Atlantic Canada to implement a ban on the use of single-use plastic bags.

Plastic bags take at least 1000 years to break down, and even then, they don't biodegrade; rather, they fragment into smaller and smaller pieces. Plastic bags that end up in the ocean are deadly hazards for sea turtles and other fish, who mistake them for jellyfish. According to the U.N. Environmental Programme, 260 species are know to have accidently eaten plastic or become entangled in it. Floating plastic in the ocean may absorb harmful pollutants like PCBs and DDT from the sea surface.

Canadians shoppers use 2.86-billion bags anually in Canada or 200 for every Canadian. Major north american cities like Toronto, Seattle and Los Angeles have already banned this symbol of disposable culture at checkouts. 63% of Atlantic Canadians in an Angus Reid Public Opinion Poll taken in June, 2012 supported a ban on plastic shopping bags in their own community. It's time to to do the inevitable and ban plastic bags in the Town of Sackville. Please sign the petition or visit the link below to learn more.

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People may also wish to use the Sackville Post Office address or the Mount Allison University Student Centre address which are:

86 Main Street, Sackville, NB - Sackville Post Office

60 York Street, Sackville, NB - Mount Allison University Student Centre

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