Ban Pit-bulls in Ontario

Ban Pit-bulls in Ontario

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Diana Rivera started this petition to The Honourable David Lametti and

Pit-bulls - The fighting dog breed. Also known as American bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Staforshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog. Including Pit-bull crosses.

On Halloween's eve, in the neighborhood Orleans, Ottawa, A child suffered traumatic injuries while trick or treating. The kid was attacked by a bully breed. News reported it was The American Bulldog -A pitbull cross. 

"Pit bulls have been bred specifically to be aggressive. They're descended from the now- extinct old English "bulldogge," a big, tenacious breed used in the brutal early- nineteenth-century sport of bull baiting, in which rowdy spectators watched dogs tear apart an enraged bull. Victorian reformers, concerned about the coarsening effect bull baiting had on its devotees, banned it by the early 1830s, but enterprising bull baiters merely migrated to an equally bloody sport: organized dog fighting".

Pit bulls and pit-bull crosses (not always easy to distinguish) have caused more than a third of the nation's dog-bite fatalities since 1979 and a comparable proportion of serious injuries."


In the 10 years from 2009 to 2018, bully breeds killed or maimed 3,569 people in the USA and Canada.   If any human organization was found to have killed or mutilated 3,569 people over a 10 year period (324 people each year) that organization would be targeted by the FBI, CIA, and all other law enforcement agencies.

They kill over 80% of all Americans who are killed by dogs.

Last year (2020), canines inflicted at least 46 deadly human attacks.  Attacks by bully breeds also increased.  Only 3 deaths tracked did not involve bull breeds or mastiff-type dogs. 

Of the 46 deaths inflicted by dogs, bully breeds contributed to 72% (33), over 16 times higher than the next closest known breeds.

There has been dozens of doctors who have testified to the increased risk of having bully breeds in our society.  They are more likely to attack unprovoked, and much more likely to cause severe damage and death.

To keep bully breeds in our society requires the sacrifice of our children's safety.  Children age 5-9 are attacked by dogs more than victims of any other age range according to the CDC.

There are around 4.7 million dog attacks each year.  Around 800,000 of those victims require emergency care treatment.  There are between 20,000 - 30,000 victims who require reconstructive surgery as a result of sustaining the most gruesome injuries on earth.  There are also dozens of people killed each year.  When we consider that at least half (often times over half) of all victims are children under the age of 13 it becomes clear that effective steps must be taken, most of all for our youth.

So what a government to do about it's dangerous dogs? One solution: outlawing ownership of pitbull type dogs, pitbull mixes and all the other dangerous bully breeds who are used often by thugs as weapons. Unfortunately aggressiveness cannot be trained out of these dogs as it is encoded in their brain. Bully breeds are known to unpredictably "snap", unprovoked, and 90 percent of the victims are babies, toddlers and kids under age of 13.

At the end of the day, dogs are predators with the size required to render even grown men helpless when attacked.  It is time to stop creating such hazardous living conditions.  Based on our current child endangerment laws dogs pose a greater threat to children than having a loaded weapon inside the home. 

This is a call for you help, compassion and common sense. Why own an animal that has the capacity of mutilating and killing a child? Why endanger unnecessary an innocent child's life? This child could be your family one day. Your brother or sister, niece or nephew, son or daughter. You, me, and all of us were once a child too.

What's more important? The presence of predators or protecting your children from them?  

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