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Ban Phil Kornblut from all Clemson Athletics

As an alumnus, it is important to me that the University takes control of those in the press they give access to our athletics and our student athletes. It is not that we need to protect Clemson University from all negative press, it is that we need to protect our student athletes from those in the press that intentionally attempt to harm them and their reputations. Our students make the University, and as such they deserve our protection.

Phil Kornblut consistently degrades Clemson University, the student athletes that attend it, and all individuals involved in Clemson athletics with flat out lies and derogatory comments.

It is time that the University takes a stand and cuts off Phil Kornblut's access to our athletics and sends a message to all the press that we will not tolerate lies and consistent degradation of anyone that is a member of the Clemson family.

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  • Clemson University
    Terry Don Phillips - Athletic Director
  • Clemson University
    Dabo Swinney - Head Football Coach
  • Clemson University
    Jim Barker - President
  • Clemson University
    Tim Bourret - Assistant Athletic Director

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