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Ban Pancheshwar Dam and save Himalayas and Pithoragarh district

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Worlds second largest dam, the Pancheshwar dam is proposed in fragile Himalayas, at the confluence of river Maha kali and Saryu. The 311 meter high dam is going to affect three districts Pithoragarh, Champawat and Almora of Uttarakhand. A total of 134 villages are going to submerged along with their rich biodiversity, culture and specific river valley civilization.

Pancheshwar dam is not only going to affect people of valley, whom government is asking to rehabilitate, but also severe after effects of dam are going to threat the lives of people living in adjoining areas. People from Pithoragarh main city, Champawat, Lohaghat, Gangolihat, Berinag, Thal, Didihat, Askot, Munshiyari, Dharchula, Vadda, Kanalicheena and other small villages are going to face the after effects of this dam. Cloud bursts (which are already creating havoc in the area), land slides, man-wildlife conflict, new borne diseases and severe climate change due to methane released by dam lakes are some of issues, which are going to create a great threat to the lives of locals here.

Most of the nations are now opposing dams and moving to other renewable sources of energy. As per present government's statement, India is a energy surplus nation. Punjab has surplus electricity and it is eager to share. Solar, small scale micro hydel projects (Like small 1 mega-watt projects based on water mills - Gharats), electricity by pine needle gasifier, tidal and wind mills are other sources of energy which can ensure our future consumption of electricity, employment opportunities and safe living environment for coming generation. 

It is imperative to understand the Pancheshwar dam will not only end a whole river valley civilization, but it will be a great threat to adjoining areas, which are having a large human population. Considering the after effects of this dam on whole social and environmental world, every body should come forward to stop this dam. We expect that the present government will understand the adverse impact of this dam on environment, and also consider the future and sentiments of local with their land. 

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