Ban Notorious Alt Right Predator Mike Cernovich From Twitter!

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Mike Cernovich is a woman abusing, former Men's Right Activist and creepy supplement shill who is constantly posting Pizzagate conspiracies and Pro-Trump vitriol on Twitter. Recently, Mike Cernovich used an internet lynch mob to get James Gunn fired from his job as Director of Marvel's "Guardians Of The Galaxy", despite never having been the subject of any complaints by any of his co-workers or any children around him. 

This is amusing considering that in 2003, MIke Cernovich was arrested by Federal Marshals for rape. After hiring a private investigation firm to influence the testimony of a witness (The alleged victim's best friend), Mike still wasn't confident enough that he would be exonerated and eventually took a plea bargain for battery. 

It's time for Mike Cernovich to live up to the new standards of internet behavior that he himself has created. It's time to #BanCernovich

Cernovich and his group of followers indicted and ruined a man for political reasons based on tweets he made in 2010. Despite this, Mike Cernovich was recorded on tape in and in blogs as recently as 2012 BRAGGING about his rape charges, as well as his sexually predatory behavior. So it's time he lives by his own standards. It's time to #BanCernovich

Mike Cernovich has never publicly acknowledged or apologized for his abhorrent behavior. Hypocrites shouldn't be rewarded with verified Twitter accounts and the ability to lead lynch mobs. And actual sexual predators shouldn't be allowed to lead justice mobs against people who sent offensive tweets. 

We are asking Jack to please remove Mike Cernovich from his platform as his presence contributes to rape culture and literally harms women. #BanCernovich


Here's Mike's 2010 blog chronicling a case eerily similar to his very own case in which he hired a private investigation firm to intimidate a witness in a rape case. Even after the witness change their testimony in his favor, he STILL had to accept a PLEA BARGAIN!

Here's Mike even more recently BRAGGING about his rape arrest and his atrocious, downright abusive treatment of women. 

Here's a charming blog post from 2012 in which Mike brags about exposing himself to a reluctant woman and pleasuring himself in front of her, despite her resistance. 

THIS TWEET, which was from 2012 (long after any of James Gunn's offending tweets) shows Mike's flippant attitude towards date rape and other sex assault. Mike Cernovich is dangerous to women.