Ban “no pets” clauses in residential leases in NSW.

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Each year, it's estimated 20,489 family pets are surrendered to the RSPCA because landlords don't accept pets, according to RSPCA. They say that 15 percent of cats and dogs surrendered to them are due to the landlord not allowing pets. We recently moved, and finding a property to keep our fur babies was something we found very difficult. Rejection after rejection, we (finally) found a property that allowed us to keep our beloved four-legged best friends. We believe that it's time for change. It's time to eliminate the "No Pets Allowed" rule. Allowing pets in rental properties will reduce the amount of surrendered animals and unnecessary euthanasia and will allow for a happy household and happy pets. Owning a pet is choice that should be made by an individual, not a lardlord. It is unfair and unethical to force a family to surrender their pet into a shelter.