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The Phoenix, AZ Police Department has one of the most disproportionately high rates of police killings compared to the violent crimes committed in the entire country, falling second to Oklahoma City.*

Breonna Taylor was brutally murdered in her own home in Louisville, KY while sleeping by three plain-clothes cops who had a no-knock warrant allowing them to enter her home unannounced. As of June 3, 2020, “Breonna’s Law” was passed in Louisville placing limits on these no-knock warrants, making them much more difficult to obtain by a judge. 

This law was passed due to efforts made BY THE PEOPLE. What happened to Ms. Taylor is a horrible tragedy, but by making these same efforts in an area with disproportionately high rates of police brutality is one step towards the change we are all fighting for. 

Please sign this petition to place limitations on the no-knock warrants that are used in the Phoenix metro area. With this petition, we may save the next person’s life.