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BAN no-knock warrants in Arizona to prevent police from invading your home unannounced!

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Put an end to no-knock warrants and prevent police officers from invading your home unannounced and causing more innocent civilian deaths! Imagine you’re sleeping in the middle of the night and someone kicks your door in unannounced! What would you do or think? As an Arizona home invasion survivor, I can tell you the first thing you’ll think is home invasion and NEVER expect it to be the police. This is how innocent people are murdered at the hands of local authorities. We have a right to protect our homes and lives. If our home is invaded, how are we to differentiate between a home invader and the police if they don’t announce their presence? With a huge percentage of Arizonans legally carrying firearms, this will almost always lead to tragedy. Stop no-knock warrants before more innocent people die. 

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