Ban new development in Sydney's Wildlife Corridors

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Ban new development in Sydney's Wildlife Corridors

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The Hon Rob Stokes MP (Minister for Planning) and

Why this petition matters

Started by Donna Peterson

Wildlife Corridors were created to allow Fauna to move freely between Habitats.

Any proposed residential  development on Bayview Golf course will prevent wildlife from moving between the coast at Winnererremy Bay Mona Vale and major habitat areas around Katandra Bushland Sanctuary and Nangana Road Bayview.

 A third  attempt  for approval for a major  building  development (85 seniors  units ) valued at $ 200 Million was lodged on 2nd September 2019 on this very Wildlife & Coastal corridor  by REZONING from OPEN SPACE, that  will completely cut this High Priority Wildlife Corridor (Map 9 Pittwater Council website) , isolating fauna from their normal feeding area in the hollow remnant trees.( 70+ years old )

Many old remnant trees (249+ trees ) will have to be removed for  building purposes.

Many Threatened and Endangered Native species owe their survival to these Wildlife Corridors and need this critical habitat for feeding and protection .

Please stop any further  development in these Wildlife Corridors, particularly the ones in Bayview ,  Ingleside & right across Sydney. 

Final Note :

The Bayview Golf course development was refused by the Sydney North Planning Panel on 20th September 2020.

The matter is now closed as well as this successful petition.

Victory declared and many thanks for your excellent support over past  years  


Petition Closed

This petition had 88,644 supporters

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