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Urgent call for the security of women in Camp Liberty and the release of the 7 abducted Ashraf residents (6 women and one man)

Condemn execution of Reyhaneh Jabbari and acid attacks against freedom loving Iranian women

For the past 35 years since the Iranian people’s revolution was hijacked by the mullahs in February 1979, women of Iran have been the foremost victims of a religious and misogynous dictatorship ruling Iran. They are totally deprived of their most basic rights in every field. Amongst the 1000 executed under Rouhani, the current president of the regime, over 34 were women. The heinous execution of 26-year-old Reyhaneh Jabbari, who defended herself to rape and was executed on the morning of October 25, 2014, despite frequent calls by international organizations and human rights and women's rights activists, is yet another example. Thugs affiliated to the Iranian regime have thrown acid on the faces of innocent women to create an atmosphere of fear in the society and to counter women who do not abide by the regime’s dress-code. Some of the victims who are still getting treated after last month’s acid attacks in Isfahan and Tehran, have lost their sight and their faces have been distorted. The regime has stabbed women with knives in streets with utmost brutality and cruelty to scare women and force them to remain in their homes.

The Iranian regime is not a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discriminations against women (CEDAW) thus allowing systematic violation of women's rights through its constitutional laws and other rulings. For the last three decades, sexual abuse of prisoners, particularly female prisoners has been the most important method for the regime to crush their will. From the onset of the regime’s rule, its so-called religious decrees (fatwas) ordering its revolutionary guards to rape girls before executions have been methods used by torturers and henchmen in the intelligence and security systems, which is unprecedented in modern history.

Under these circumstances, Iranian women have had a prominent presence in the resistance movement. In the ongoing struggle for the past 36 years, tens of thousands of brave Iranian women have lost their lives for freedom. 52 percent of the members of the NCRI are women. Ashraf City, the home to members of the main Iranian opposition in Iraq, was administered by women through its harshest times. The PMOI is also led by women who are vanguards in the fight against fundamentalism. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance’s 10-point platform for a future Iran includes complete gender equality and abolishment of all forms of discrimination against women. As the Iranian regime is the first fundamentalist and misogynist government, it has had widespread influence of spreading its evil phenomenon to the region and the globe. Its opposition, the PMOI, is the anti-thesis to such fundamentalism, as it believes in a true, democratic and tolerant Islam.

As a humanitarian crisis, Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf and Liberty, including nearly a thousand women, have been repeatedly attacked in the last six years by Iraqi forces at the behest of the Iranian regime. 116 people have been killed in 6 deadly massacres and 6 women and one man were abducted. Also, 22 Camp Liberty residents have been tormented to death as a result of the ongoing inhuman siege against members of the Iranian Resistance in Iraq. The refugees, who are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, have been denied access to food and medicine despite international calls to end the inhumane blockade.

In view of the above facts:

1. We call on the UN, US and the EU to take immediate action to end the inhuman food and medical blockade and to ensure security in Camp Liberty particularly for women and to take urgent action to release the 7 residents of Ashraf abducted by the Iraqi government;

2. Considering the history of the Iranian regime’s overall appalling situation of human rights, particularly women's rights, we call on the United Nations Security Council to examine Iran's systematic violation of human rights and to take punitive action;

3. We support the 10-point platform of Mrs. Rajavi as a practical step for the establishment of peace, democracy and women's rights in Iran.

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