Ban wet markets in China

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     Among the many viruses human beings have been subject to, most viruses such as SARS and covid-19 i have originated from China, or more specifically, Chinese wet markets. Chinese wet markets are open shops set up on the street where people can buy animals of various kinds to cook and eat. Most of these animals are slaughtered on the spot, further increasing the risk that is presented to humans  of catching a virus that the animal has. 
      In these markets, cages are stacked on top of one another and animals of various kinds, including wildlife, live in small, confined spaces. The animals in the bottom of the cage stack are doused with various liquids from animals that are stacked above them, including urine and feces. These animals are nonetheless still eaten by the population. 
     Most deadly outbreaks have been traced back to these markets, including the recent coronavirus, which has claimed thousands of lives in the last few weeks. At every occasion of an outbreak, the government closes these markets, only to open them up again a mere few weeks later. Let us fight the inhumanity the government presents to animals, and the risk they present to the rest of the world and ask the United Nations to put an end to these markets once and for all.