Ban Insurance Surveillance of the Mentally Ill in Australia

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Patrick O'Connor is a former executive in the Life Insurance industry. He suffers from PTSD and Severe Anxiety, which has seen him experience the Disability Insurance claims process.

  • Insurance surveillance add's a huge amount of anxiety and stress to mentally ill people. It has to be stopped. 
  • Suicide claims the lives of 3000 Australians each year
  • Disability Insurance pays $1 Billion a year to Mentally Ill Australians
  • Without this support the number of suicides would be higher
  • The Royal Commission into Financial Services is a great opportunity to discuss improving the sector for all parties
  • Please support Patrick O'Connor to gain 3000 signatures to support his request to present to the Royal Commission
  • The Royal Commission is also an important opportunity to improve the long term sustainability of the Disability Insurance industry. Remember if there is no insurance cover available, there is no financial support for the sufferers.

Patrick is making a submission to the Royal Commission. His unique perspective and experiences as both an insurance executive and insurance claimant, mean he would be an excellent individual to present.

His submission would encapsulate the key issues, barriers, and proposals to improve the industry. His goal is to assist to develop the Disability Insurance sector, to being a financial stable, compassionate and financially significant sector of the Mental Health industry.

If this can be achieved, its will add further support to the campaigns to reduce the amount of lives lost by suicide each. #3000 has been chosen to represent Patrick's campaign. We are aiming to collect 3000 signatures for our petition, and we encourage you to support him in his quest to present to the Royal Commission.