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It is essential to ban hydraulic fracturing before we further deplete our planet's most precious resource: fresh water.

Only 2% of the water on earth is fresh and only 1% of it can be used by humans and the eco-system upon which we depend for our survival - the rest is ice. The process of hydraulic fracturing uses phenomenal quantities of fresh water to fracture shale rock and cause it to release gas. It takes up to 8 million gallons of water to fracture one well and each well can be fractured up to 15 times. The water is pumped out of local rivers and streams or from underground aquifers and mixed with toxic chemicals. Under extremely high pressure, It is then forced down the well where up to 80% of the now polluted water will remain sequestered underground for generations to come.

Through this process, phenomenal quantities of fresh water are being indefinitely removed from the "precipitation-evaporation" cycle that governs the earth's finite supply of fresh water.

At a time when the earth's population is higher than ever before and the need for fresh water is greater than ever before, it would be unconscionable, indeed immoral, to continue to sanction hydraulic fracturing as an energy policy.


Letter to
Chief of Oil and Gas, WVDEP James Martin
Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency Lisa Jackson
Please take note of the concerned citizens signing this petition who believe it is sensible and prudent to enact a ban on hydraulic fracturing gas extraction until 4 conditions can be met:

I. Independent, scientific studies prove that Shale Gas Development has no detrimental impact on human health and well being, the environment (air, water and land pollution, increased seismic activity, subsidence in karst terrain) or on life style (ability to obtain mortgage loans and insurance on properties within the vicinity of drilling, ability to conduct livelihoods, financial loss through property devaluation, local tax increases due to need for additional infrastructure to manage impact of drilling on safety, road degradation and destruction, etc)

II. Strict and enforceable regulations addressing every loophole in gas drilling production are enacted by the state legislature and funding for the training and salaries of the inspectors required to enforce such regulations is provided by permit fees...

III. gas extraction can be accomplished without sequestering phenomenal quantities of the earth's valuable and finite supply of fresh water...

IV. the estimated 13,000 oil and gas wells drilled by the oil and gas industry over the years that have been left abandoned and unplugged are properly capped and sealed.


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