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Horse drawn carriages in Savannah, GA may seem like an idyllic part of a vacation but in reality, it is a brutal and inhumane activity. Most people don't think about what the horses endure both during their time working and after their time in service is over. Perhaps if they knew what they were paying to support, tourists would boycott this particular "tradition".

In the best of times, they are forced to endure carts loaded with too many people, suffering the loud sounds of passing cars, exhaust fumes and hard, hot pavement. In the summer, it gets extremely hot and very humid. Temperatures can get to 100+ degrees.  The pavement at that time of year is scorching. The horses are forced to wear sacks over their butts so that it can catch the feces to protect the roads. This means for the horse, they must have a hot sack on the back of their legs, rubbing back and forth as they walk, the sweat chaffing at their legs. Not to mention the smell as they carry their feces around with them.

And after they have participated in the tourists idyllic vacation? Often they are sent to auctions where they are vulnerable to being bought by kill buyers and trucked to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.  So tourists who pet these horses and speak sweet words to them should also know that in the end, the horses will be terrified and alone, brutalized and in pain because of them. How many tourists, if they knew what would happen to the horses, would still take a carriage ride? Not many I would guess.

Making the choice to not use horse drawn carriages may not feel like a huge step to protect these animals but each person making that choice will ensure their safety. Please help protect these animals and let those in the position of power to help know where you stand. If every tourist stated their support of banning the horse drawn carriage, then the laws would follow.

Please sign the petition and make a difference.

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City Council Dr. Estella Edwards Shabazz
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Savannah, GA City Council and hotels in the Savannah, GA area.

To Mayor Edna B. Jackson, Members of the City Council and Local Hotels:

Horses forced to pull tourist carriages are in dire need of your help. Forced to work long hours, pull heavy loads and endure an environment that is abusive, their continued use in a beautiful city like Savannah is a travesty and even the tourists are beginning to notice. While all horse carriages should be banned, in Savannah it is especially needed because of the hot, humid summers. Horse drawn carriages are a money making source for the owners and as long as they are allowed, the owners will take advantage of the monetary opportunity at the expense of the horse. Even though there are laws in place to protect the horses, they are rarely enforced. The only way to protect the horses is to ban the carriages altogether.

People from all over the world, potential tourists, have signed this petition asking for your help in banning horse drawn carriages. Savannah, GA relies on tourists to keep the city running and by protecting the horses, it will only encourage more people to visit and spend money. 

Please support banning horse drawn carriages!

Thank you for your time,