Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in Chicago

Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in Chicago

November 28, 2011
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Mayor, City of Chicago Lori Lightfoot
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Started by Michael Spencer


Collapsing while pulling carriages during summer heat waves, being forced to stand stationary in the sub-freezing, bitter cold while awaiting the next fare, being tethered to a carriage while being forced to inhale the exhaust fumes of the automobile just inches in front of them - Carriage horses are overworked in the harshest weather and most polluted conditions. 

There is nothing charming about this.

Built for soft ground and pastures, these horses are suffering from early lameness, respiratory disease, heat prostration and spooking (which can lead to accidents and injury).

Watch a trailer for the 2008 NYC based documentary "Blinders" here:

Many cities in the United States and around the world have already banned the use of carriage horses. And as New York City is on the verge of banning this awful practice, it's about time leaders in the city of Chicago get on board too. Let's demonstrate our compassion by supporting the ban of horse-drawn carriages in our city. Cruelty to animals does not belong in the streets of Chicago



This petition made change with 16,025 supporters!

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