Ban horse drawn carriages

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We have news! Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC are joining to help our carriage horses!

We received over 112,000 signatures in support of a ban on Savannah’s carriage tours. Now, we need your help to increase Charleston’s petition from 39,000 signatures to 100,000 signatures. Click lend your name, and share to ensure a brighter future for Charleston and Savannah’s work-animals.

Two southern cities with one goal; working together to bring a positive change.

Two years ago, bystanders looked on in horror as Oscar, a young carriage horse, sped through the streets of Savannah, GA pulling five terrified passengers, three of whom were children. Oscar was spooked after losing his bit. Oscar crashed into a vehicle, ejected his carriage operator, and left passengers helpless to stop him as he galloped down six city blocks. His operator was sent to the hospital with a broken heel and five cars were damaged.

Horse drawn carriage accidents aren’t isolated events. From 2014 to present, over 40 carriage incidents involving carriage animals and passengers have made headline news in the United States.  Tourists are blissfully unaware of the dangers associated with taking a ride on a horse-led wagon through busy city streets. Carriage rides in densely populated cities are cruel and put both the horse and passenger’s safety at risk.

Please join me in asking Savannah and Charleston to follow in the footsteps of cities like Biloxi, MS and Palm Beach, FL, and ban horse-drawn carriages.

Horses are afforded no federal protections under the Animal Welfare Act. It is up to local governments to create laws that protect them. Without protections, carriage horses are at the mercy of their owners.

In a recent NYC audit, the city comptroller found that carriage horses often work nine hours-a-day, seven days-a-week in rain, snow or shine. They also found that NYC carriage horses receive inadequate amounts of water; putting them at risk of overheating in the summer months.  Horse-drawn carriages are inherently inhumane. Carriage horses are not mentally or physically capable of being surrounded by vehicle traffic and noxious fumes. It is not safe for horses, their passengers, motorists or pedestrians.

If safety issues and cruel working conditions are not enough to cause concern, one might take concern with the treatment of retired carriage horses. Due to costs associated with providing care to a horse that can no longer work, “retired” horses are often sold by the pound to kill buyers. Once sold, these horses will be butchered and shipped overseas. These majestic horses are literally abused till their dying day.

Join me in asking Mayor Eddie DeLoach to end this unnecessary and cruel practice. Sign my petition calling on him to ban horse drawn carriages in Savannah, GA.

In addition, SIGN and SHARE Charleston’s petition to ban horse-drawn carriage rides

We are excited about our southern solidarity for the horses! THANK YOU for caring!

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