Ban horse drawn carriages

Ban horse drawn carriages

141,013 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!
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Mayor, City of Savannah Mayor Van Johnson

Why this petition matters

Our beautiful city could be a shining example of compassion instead of a city with shame.  

A WORLDWIDE PARTNERSHIP has been formed to expose the cruel industry of Horse Drawn Carriages in Savannah and other cities around the world! 

Your signature to support Savannah, GA, combined with Atlanta, GA, Charleston, SC, Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, Dallas, TX, Kansas City, MO, Nashville, TN, New York City, NY,  Pasadena, CA, Philadelphia, PA, San Antonio, TX, St. Augustine, FL, Wilmington, NC, Berlin, Germany, Mallorca, Spain, Melbourne, Australia, Montreal & Victoria, Canada is creating awareness of the cruel reality of Horse Drawn Carriages! People are hearing you and it's fantastic! 

Each city has its own specific tale of horror involving the Carriage Industry.  Traffic accidents, horses running in fear, human and equine fatalities, heavy loads, exhausted animals, long work days, inadequate water, the list is long and dismal.  Let's work together to tear up that list and make sure Savannah is a compassionate city.  We will all continue to work for Oscar, Arthur, Eli, Big John, Jimmy, Tiny, Blondie and the multitude of other horses and mules who have endured abuse at the hands of greed.

View the New Partnership Always remember to SHARE, LIKE and SUPPORT. This is how you create a peaceful future for these enslaved horses and mules who are depending on you to speak for them.

On the New Partnership page you will find links to each Petition and many of the Animal organizations who are working together.  

141,013 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!