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Frankenflour? Mutant Muffin? Weird Waffle? Genetically Modified wheat trials can contaminate non GM crops - and already have in the US. 

GM crops have not been proven safe to eat and could devastate Australia's export market - many countries will not buy crops that are contaminated.

The risk to our health, economy and the environment is too great.

Ban GM trials now!

Letter to
Federal Minister for Health The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP
Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries The Hon. Gail Gago MLC
Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food Security The Hon John Cobb MP
and 3 others
Minister for Trade and Competitiveness The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson MP
Shadow Minister for Trade The Hon Julie Bishop MP
Australian Government Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry The Hon. Joel Fitzgibbon
I am writing to voice my concerns regarding the decision to allow trials of Genetically Modified wheat in Australia. GM wheat trials can contaminate non GM crops, putting Australia's export market and human health at risk.

Recently, a non approved GM wheat strain was found growing in an Oregon field in the US - an experimental type produced by Monsanto Co. (MON -0.12%) that hadn't been approved for sale. Japanese authorities have cancelled a US wheat order and other major wheat importers South Korea, China and the Philippines are monitoring the situation.

Australia is one of the largest exporters of wheat in the world. Why are we putting the future of our export market at risk? The health implications of genetically modified foods are also still largely unknown, as adequate long term feeding studies are sorely lacking and patents often prevent independent research into their safety.

I call on you to immediately cease all trials of GM wheat, barley and other crops in Australia. Consumers and our export markets do not want their food contaminated.

I look forward to your response

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