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I feel like I am ground zero on Fracking from one standpoint and I will explain. I want to emphasize, I am a peon, this is not ego, it is just how I feel. I have called for a FEDERAL Ban on Fracking since 2009.I truly believe that activism against fracking is needed at the local and state levels. No doubt. If that did not exist, the science on environmental, engineering and health risks would never have had the light shed on them as they are.

Right now, we have one US Senator in NY State who is blatantly pro-fracking; that is Senator Charles Schumer. The other Senator is one of the 'if we cando it safely, it would be a big economic boon type'.

So, what is really needed additionally to the local/state 'Tiananmen Square' type approach?Two things. A Federal ban on Fracking which will essentially be a U.S. Ban on fracking, is similar if not identical to France's ban. Secondly, the EPA issues 'guidelines' to Aquatic Buffer Zones for activities that can harm waterways. I would move to pass a Congressional Bill to make this MANDATORY. No other incumbent or Congressional candidate is a strong on this, student loan reform, jobs bill not involving Wall Street, and a comprehensive stepping stone approach to drastically reducing fossil fuels in the next 10 YEARS, not 20. How can we do this? Get me and others elected to Congress to write and pass a ban like France did. We need numbers. You can help by getting your friends to sign also.

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Stay in touch and if we get enough support, we can elect people like myself to help Bernie Sanders and others build the momentum for a Green Energy US Senate.

If we get a massive email list and phone numbers who agree with me, this is doable.
I may challenge Senator Schumer in his next election bid!

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Ban HydroFracking Federally

I am running for US Senate against an incumbent who accepted Fracking company PAC money and has not called for a complete Federal Ban. Senator Gillibrand has accepted individual and PAC Lobby money from Gas, Oil, Commercial Banks, Pharma and even Chesapeake Energy in quantities that have affected legislation she either doesn't support or hasn't written. This petition draws the line in the sand between those saying we should frack 'safely' and people like me that are for a complete Federal Ban. My name is Dr. Scott Noren and you can get more info at and at
Please volunteer to write me in on the ballot in November if you're a NY voter!


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