Ban Fluoridation Chemicals in Public Drinking Water Supplies - DO NOT DONATE!

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Keep Fluoridation Chemicals Out of Our Drinking Water

Whereas the Ontario Fluoridation Act is not a Public Health Act. It remains silent on which fluoridation chemical compound a municipality uses, and most importantly does not in any way empower any Ontario Municipality to operate a public drinking water supply for the purpose of treating dental decay/dental caries disease.

Whereas the municipality does not have statutory authority to use the public drinking water supply for "compulsory preventive medication of the inhabitants of the area" per the Supreme Court of Canada ruling in 1957. The adding of fluoridation products to drinking water is for the intended purpose of the compulsory preventive dental disease, caries/cavities.

Whereas Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms - section 7 Security of the Person, Ontario's Health Care Consent Act - section 11 Elements of Consent and Section 14 Withdrawal of Consent, people in Canada (Ontario) have the right to refuse/withdraw consent to medical treatment. Municipal fluoridation practice violates people's protected individual rights to informed medical consent, violates people's protected individual right to refuse/withdraw medical treatment, and violates people's overall right to cleaner and safer municipal drinking water. 

Whereas fluoride works to prevent cavities in high concentration when applied directly to tooth enamel and toothpaste is readily and cheaply available.

Whereas fluoride toxicity studies demonstrate health harm at increased quantities and dose of fluoride cannot be controlled when drinking water is used as the delivery method.

Whereas fluoridation products (or their dissociated components) are not regulated under Canada's Food & Drug Act, nor Canada's Natural Health Product Regulations and have not undergone toxicology safety studies.

Whereas the Canadian Environmental Protection Act classifies fluoridation products as persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic to the environment and nearly all of the water treated with fluoridation products ends up back in the environment with less than 2% used for drinking.

Whereas fluoridation products are contaminated with trace amounts of arsenic, lead, mercury, radionuclides.

Whereas the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act exists to protect Ontario's people consuming municipal drinking water from contaminants.

Whereas water drinkers that want or need to avoid swallowing fluoride (to avoid dental fluorosis, who suffer kidney or thyroid impairment, mixing baby formula etc.) deserve equitable access to safe drinking water and should not be burdened with finding and paying for an alternative source of water.

Whereas Municipal drinking water is being paid for by all, delivered to all and meant for use by all and so should be as safe as possible for all.

BE IT RESOLVED that the individuals signing this petition want a ban on artificial fluoridation products in public drinking water.