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Ban Fetch Stores From Malls!

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION! If anyone has purchased, or know someone who has purchased an ill dog or cat from the Beavercreek Fetch location have them email me ASAP! There is a detective who would love to speak to you. You must have proof of sale. I shall not openly put the information out there. If you have this information, please email me at:

Fetch. Many people know this store as the one in the malls, with the cute puppies for sale, along with pet toys and accessories. For a dollar you can play with a puppy. Sounds like a great deal right?! Well it really isn't.

A little bit of research, and it becomes obvious that Fetch uses puppy mill puppies. Read a few reviews. Ask people who have purchased from them. The dogs from "local breeders" which is what they are told, are coming from out of state. Puppies go home incredibly sick, and Fetch doesn't care. I've received some horror stories about this. I thought it was something new, however it seems that has been going on for years. These dogs are in small cages, sometimes two or three in an inhumanely small cage, with wire bottoms, and often, no toys. They are filthy, and obviously not taken care of. I have personally witnessed, and posted in an update, a dog that is severely underweight, and was told that she wad healthy! The employees don't care, and management really doesn't care. They say anything they can to send you home with a dog.

Animals don't have voices, we need to speak for them! Help get Fetch removed from our local malls!

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