Ban euthanasia for abandoned pets & strengthen Animal Rights in Ireland

Ban euthanasia for abandoned pets & strengthen Animal Rights in Ireland

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Why this petition matters

Started by Lina Galiana

For the attention of the Rialtas na hÉireann, Government of Ireland.


Dear Ireland & World...

I am writing to you to raise awareness and strengthen Animal Rights here in Ireland.

I see in the newspapers, posted in the municipal news, online in social media.. thousand cases of animal neglecting and terrible abuse in Ireland.

This is unacceptable to let this happen in 2022.

I open this petition mainly to strengthen Animal Rights and ban euthanasia for abandoned pets in Ireland.

But also because we must help the current Animal Shelters that are in need and open new rescues where we can aid abandoned animals, at least somewhere where they can be safe.

Also I have concerns about the heartbreaking situation we are living now, covid "is over" and after all "that puppy fever" when everyone got a dog during lockdown, all these lovely pets are abandoned.

For the last months I have seen in the pounds really young dogs from 7 months to 2 years old, healthy dogs, and euthanised without a chance of getting a new home.

At the same time Animal Shelters sometimes can help but nowadays are completely overwhelmed, they don't have enough space or income to keep saving animals, heal them and help them to find a good family.

And I would keep counting and counting things out... 

It is really unfair, sad and crazy that no one speaks about this matter. We do need to be heard.

I am kindly asking you for help, hoping we can change the lives of these unfortunate pets and loving animals. If we are all united hope we can be heard and do something to help them.

Please, keep sharing this, speak with your colleagues and if you know anyone that can help, please share this petition.

Give voice to the ones that can't speak-up for themselves.



Lina & all the paw friends

576 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!