Ban Declawing Cats in San Diego County, CA

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Declawing in cats is legal cruelty being done to our kitties.  It is an extremely painful procedure which is, in fact, a complete amputation of the last knuckle and claw of a cat's paw. This is equivalent to cutting off a person's toes and fingers at the last joint!  Cat declawing is unfortunately a common practice encouraged by some ethically compromised veterinarians solely for financial gain.  There are various different techniques, from scalpels to lasers, and each is just as cruel and painful as any other.  All declawing, whether done manually or with a laser, is so painful, it must be treated with aggressive pain management.

Statistically, according to the American Veterinary Association, 1 out of 3 declawed cats will develop behavior issues such as biting and not using the litter box due to the declawing.  Overall, it significantly decreases their quality of life

This cruel and selfish procedure is done purely for the convenience of humans and is not at all in the best interest of the animal.  Cats are, what is called digitigrade, meaning they walk on their toes, and when they are declawed they are forced to walk flat footed which is painful and will eventually cause arthritis in the wrists, elbows, paws and legs.  In other words, this procedure leads to a permanent disability in the poor cat.  As well, it is advised that people with medical issues or on medications that compromise their immune systems do not declaw cats because it increases their chance of a cat bite which may lead to infection.

Animals, and most especially cats, are my passion.  They are beautiful and intelligent living creatures that feel pain and suffer just like us.  They give us unconditional love and yet we inflict this barbaric and brutal procedure upon them!  I cringe and am sad whenever I hear of someone doing this to their wonderful cat.

This awful and inhumane surgery is illegal in many countries including Germany, Australia, France, England, Ireland and more. There are also 8 cities in California where declawing cats is already banned.  My goal is to get a petition of 10,000 signatures of people in the County of San Diego and send them to Kristin Gaspar, Chair of San Diego County Board of Supervisors, and propose that our city follows the other cities in California and bans declawing and animal cruelty.