Ban child pornography artist Zaush/Adam Wan from

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Patreon is a huge network online to help your favorite content creators earn a monthly income via donations. This site has been proven to help many people, especially artists. The Furry community is a large online community where anthropomorphic artists of all kinds to publish their works. Unfortunately, as with any online community, there are some very disturbed and twisted minds online. Adam Wan, also known as Zaush online, is an extremely popular furry artist, with 75,000 followers on Furaffinity, 17,000 followers on Twitter, and  earns $4000+ through monthly donations on This would be fine if he was just a hard working artist with good morale, but his works primarily focuses on underaged characters in sexual situations (as young as 8 years old,) and incest, and bestiality. His works mainly focus on the underaged characters and he himself, as well as his customers, show a sexual interest in this. This kind of misconduct should NOT be supported on Patreon and breaks Patreon’s Community Guidelines. Despite having been reported numerous times, Patreon has not yet done anything about Zaush. The furry community now has a larger number of minors part of it than ever before. They should not feel fetishized, exploited, or in danger. Adam Wan's work and interests only promote these kind of degrading and horrifying feelings, and encourages child predators online. 

WARNING: The link below is very NSFW. Any real-life NSFW is censored, artwork is not. Contains artwork of children in sexual situations, and censored child pornography.

Proof of Adam's underaged fetishism in conversations as well as his artwork. (And other offenses such as racism.)