Ban Bromethalin, a rat poison with no antidote for our pets.

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Our dog almost lost his life after eating rat poison containing bromethalin -- a poison without an antidote that can be found on store shelves across the country. Poisons without antidotes should not be sold in stores. The Environmental Protection Agency has banned poisons in the past because of their harm to animals and humans. It’s time they do it again with bromethalin.

Kevin is our family dog, and we are incredibly lucky to still have him with us. For 36 hours, we were afraid we were going to lose him. He came across a bar of rat poison in our backyard, set by our neighbor, but could easily be dropped by birds or left out on parks trips. Our neighbor intentionally chose this box of poison due to the logo inferring this was KID AND PET FRIENDLY. IT IS NOT, ONLY THE PACKAGING IS. The poison purposefully has an appealing smell, so Kevin ate it. Luckily, my husband noticed that Kevin had the bar in his mouth, and immediately spent an hour making him throw it up.

Dogs that ingest bromethalin, a deadly neurotoxin, often don’t show symptoms that alert owners their dog has been poisoned. Many veterinarians are unfamiliar with the poison, and it doesn’t show up in blood tests. By the time it is diagnosed, it’s often too late for the dog. For 7 days after he ingested it, we had to watch for signs of paralysis and neurological damage in Kevin. The vet bills cost us $1800 dollars. While it was the best $1800 our family has spent, nobody should have to go through that, especially when there are safer alternatives.

There have been too many cases of bromethalin poisoning. We need to stop the senseless deaths of our beloved pets due to poisons with no antidotes.Tell the EPA to add bromethalin to the list of banned rodenticides.