Ban Breed Specific Legislation in Iowa

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All too often towns/cities/counties ban specific breeds of dog labeling them as "dangerous" and not fit to have as pets. The problem with such legislation is that:

1. These laws do not protect the public from overall dog bites and attacks.

2. Individual animals that do seem to have a vicious demeanor can be excused due to being a "gentle breed."

3. People cannot live in certain areas they would wish to due to their family pet.

This should also outlaw landlords and property management companies from listing certain breeds of dogs as "not allowed."

Instead of having breed specific legislation it would be more safe for the public to have laws against dangerous individual dogs. All dogs can bite. Dog bites are not breed specific. Its time to start cracking down on "bad owners" and individual dogs as opposed to an entire breed (s). Heftier fines for those raising dogs to be vicious. Not allowing owners who raise dogs to be vicious to ever own dogs again. 

Lets crack down on the real problem rather than creating a mass hysteria about certain breeds. Its always the animal holding the leash thats the problem as they are the ones who trained the dog that way, abused them into angered behavior, or neglected them to the point of survival behaviors. 

Breed has absolutely nothing to do with temperment.