Ban Australia's caged egg industry

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Every year in Australia millions of chicks and chickens are bred, used and then tossed away like garbage in the cruel and vicious business of factory farming, or caged eggs.

Each hen is confined to a tiny wire cage with up to 4 other birds, the hens "living space" no bigger than an A4 piece of paper. Due to the lack of exercise and forced, continuous egg laying the hens lack calcium and 1 in 5 battery hens live with broken bones.

Newborn chicks are sorted into genders, males get sent straight to slaughter to be either gassed or ground alive. With so many hens and so little room the hens can peck at each other, but instead of providing more room the hens are "de-beaked" this process involves slicing off the end of the chicks beak with a razor hot blade and no painkillers what-so-ever.

Most of the hens are laying so frequently that they only live to the age of 18 months whereas in the wild they can live for up to 10 years.

By signing this petition you are helping stop this cruel and inhumane industry in Australia and hopefully, globally.